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Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians on Parliament Hill
What is the Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians on Parliament Hill?

The intent of the Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians, held annually on Parliament Hill in the spring, is to encourage young people who make up our nation’s unique citizenry, to network across their diverse ethnicities and cultures. The panel is invited to stress the importance of self-motivation, networking, skills development, and cultural fluency, transcending racial and cultural divides, toward leadership in our rapidly changing globalized economy. The Breakfast is offered jointly as an Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month event, and was initiated by JNikira Dinqinesh Education Centre in 2005.


Theme : “The Global Power of Young Canadians”
The Global Power of Young Canadians stem
s from growing up in a nation where diversity is in dynamic interplay with the unifying values that bind us together as Canadians. With the heritage of over 200 ethno-cultural groups represented among us, Canada is a cultural microcosm of the world. Without leaving home, Era 21 Young Canadians have peers from numerous backgrounds with whom to build networks.

The attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are formed in network building are powerful tools for success in a rapidly changing, multicultural and global society. United by Canadian values that stress the importance of sharing in each other’s cultures, young Canadians can become global citizens, open to learning, at ease with differences, and adept at negotiating cultural, racial and linguistic boundaries.

Canadian identity, with diversity at its core, enriches our life experiences, and transforms us into individuals who are comfortable working, living, and travelling anywhere in Canada, and around the world.


February 24, 2005Howard Shearer
May 5, 2005Ravi Seethapathy
June 1, 2006Patrick Cuenco
 Aliya Mawani
 Kevin Chan
May 3, 2007Ana Miura
 Cu Van Ha
 Debbie Miller
May 8, 2008Adrian Harewood
 Bettina Choo
 Yasir Naqvi
May 7, 2009Anthony Bansfield
 Hamdi Mohamed
 Melisa Kamibayashi
 Michael Bhardwaj
May 6, 2010Dr. Patrice Smith
 Dr. Vincent Lam
 Mr. Don Kelly
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May 3, 2012Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Spoken Word Panelist
 Jeff Copenace
 Rathika Sitsabaiesan, M.P.
 Phil Nguyen
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